Are you planning to buy a car? Consider factors like fuel economy, price and reliability in making the final choice.  These factors are important to help you have your money’s worth. Price is easy to compare, and while fuel economy varies from one driver to another, official figures on mileage can give an accurate estimate to use when comparing models. However, reliability is more difficult to compare. But data from organizations worldwide which test thousands of cars can guide you in your choice of car.

US Consumer Reports in 2015 predicted the reliability of various 2016 cars and trucks from different brands worldwide. As usual, brands from Japan like Toyota and Lexus aced the survey while European and American automobile brands did not score well at all.

Although the list may vary each year, the Jeep Cherokee seems to appear on the list every year. Despite its terrific appearance, Jeep Grand Cherokee’s diesel version dismayed consumers due to problems in the car’s fuel and navigation system.

Even luxury brands are not immune to the list of unreliable cars. Mercedes S-Class and GL-Class both made it on the list. The previous car’s trouble is with its windows and power steering while the latter one received complaints regarding the malfunction of its collision warning sensors and blind-spot sensors. It also has power steering failures where premature break wear and transmission problems.

Despite high reliability of Japanese-made cars, Nissan found itself to be on the list of unreliable cars too. The Nissan Infiniti QX60 had doors that rattle, windows and interior that squeaks along with transmission issues. The Pathfinder, on the other hand, was criticized for its interior finish and electrical and transmission problems.

Numerous other American cars that did badly in the survey included Ford Focus and Fiesta, Cadillac Escalade and ATS, Chevrolet Colorado, Suburban and Tahoe, GMC Canyon and Yukon XL, Ram 2500, Lincoln MKC and Chrysler 300.